Transitional Kitchen Cabinet Design
in Maryland & Delaware

What exactly is transitional kitchen design? A transitional design aims to balance the comfort of a traditional style and a contemporary kitchen's sleek cleanliness. The word "transitional" refers to being in between two phases or stages. In the kitchen design sense, the transitional style combines elements, usually from the contemporary and traditional designs, resulting in a one-of-a-kind creation blending the two. You're combining the best of both worlds without an unsavory clash of styles.

Streamlined Accents

Traditional kitchens incorporate a lot of decorative accessories, while contemporary styles usually have none of these intricacies. But the name of the game here is blending. So, you'll want to incorporate something to meet the traditional needs but keep it minimal, as the contemporary style dictates. Transitional kitchens should have simple accents, such as small crown molding and minimal use of corbels and wainscoting. The clean, geometric lines of a transitional kitchen area appealing, so the less fancy and elaborate the design, the better.

Combine Old and New

Transitional kitchens are an excellent choice for the homeowner who has difficulty deciding on a design style whose taste may include both contemporary and traditional elements. If you have an open-concept space that consists of a dining or living room, transitional kitchens can also help make the style of the space flow between rooms.

Remodeling Location

March 2021
Maryland & Delaware

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